Who is Sargon Dorsai?

My real name is Matt Hester. I’m a 36 year old Father, Writer and Gamer from Portland, Oregon. The name Sargon Dorsai has been an online persona that I’ve been using since I first learned about the internet, back in the early 90’s. It’s the name of characters I’ve put into several of my stories that I’ve written over the years. He usually has a prominent place in those stories.

Anyway, back to who I am. I’m a stay-at-home Father. That’s the first and most important thing in my life. I cook, clean, and generally take care of the household and the kids. I’ve got four wonderful children, ranging in ages from four to thirteen. Yes, I’ve got a teenager and yes, it’s crazy. I couldn’t imagine life any different though.

I’ve been mostly home bound for the last couple of years. Some physical complications keep me from doing the normal working thing. It’s been one of those mixed blessing kinds of things as well. It’s  forced me to focus on my writing and see if I can’t make a living at it. Being a writer is one of my passions and one of those careers that I’ve always thought of doing. Well, now I’m doing it!

I mostly write Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a smattering of poetry from time to time. I enjoy writing FanFiction, which you can check out at:



In addition to my stuff that I’m writing just for fun, such as this blog and the FanFiction, I’m also working on a major project with a friend of mine. We’re designing an MMORPG and I’m doing most of the story work for that one. We’re still raising funding to get the work trademark/copyright whichever it is for the names of the game and the world, which is why we haven’t posted anything online about our progress. Once I can get those secured, you’ll be able to read more. You’ll even see some of the stories from that world posted here.

At some point I hope to have full short stories and novels based in my original worlds and get those published but I’m a bit limited on the amount of time I can spend on writing before the pain stops me. I’m keeping at it though. Writing here every day helps with that. Writing in general helps with that. It’s one of the things that makes me happy as well.

I also enjoy interacting with others. I do a lot of reading, whether online or paper. I enjoy reading about what people are up to and stuff that is just for fun as well.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me. If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask questions in the comments. Can’t promise that I’ll answer them all, but if I don’t answer I’ll explain why at the least.

For those more visually and audio inclined, you can check out my Youtube channel, where I do a weekly update on my writing.


(And on a related note… if anyone knows how to change a channel name so I can eliminate the “gaming” portion of the name, please let me know.)

Also, if you’d like to support my writing efforts, please consider becoming a Patron at:


Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the trip.