Daily Dream 08-03-2016 Castle Academy

The Dream I had last night:

The stone walls felt cool to the touch as I ran my hand along them while making my way down the stairs to the storage area. The castle had been in my family for generations. The academy that had been started here had been managed by my family for the last one hundred years. Everything that was every recorded by my family went into the archive.

The heavy oak door swung open on silent hinges kept that way diligently by the academy students. A small smile adorned my lips as I made my way deeper into the room. My mother had recently confided in me that she had a special shelf in the archives that held the records that were most precious to her. The tomes that she’d collected over the years and the ones she’d written herself.

Walking past bookcase after bookcase filled with history, I finally found the one I was looking for. The one my mother had marked. I quickly found the shelf she was talking about. My fingers traced the titles. “Hermione: True Hero of Hogwarts” A serious of books talking about who truly saved the world of magic. Written by my mother. Set next to that were the picture albums and journals about the family. My breath caught in my throat as I realized that the family was what was most important to my mother. She felt that we were most worth of being remembered.

Holding back tears, I made my way back out of the archives. This was supposed to have been quick trip down there and instead I had lost myself in the memories. There were people waiting for me.

I quickly arrived at The Game Room. Dozens of tables were scattered around the room, people playing board games and card games. I waved to the man running the table and made my over to some friends holding a spot for me to play some Magic: The Gathering with them. They’d already signed me up for the tournament and were waiting for me to start.

The games were a blast and even though I didn’t win overall, I still had a great time. I made my way over to the cashier to check out and he told me it was already paid up. Noting my confused look, he pointed to my friends. They explained that I’d done so much to bring the group together, freely gave advice and cards away, and introduced and guide so many people along the game, they thought it only fair to pay my way.

Once again I had to fight back tears. I gave them all hugs then made my exit. As I was heading down the hallway, I looked out into the courtyard. New students were just getting off the bus, hauling their luggage behind them.

The next generation of students had arrived.



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