Daily Dream 08-02-2016 The Resistance

The Dream I had last night:

It always amused me the way the station was built. No one was quite sure where the original station was located in the mix of addons, repairs, replacements, and could old fashioned jury rigging. With the amount of ship traffic and the general level of anonymity, most of those on the station didn’t care. My own amusement was at walking through the station and seeing different styles from different species in the same corridor from one landing pad to the next.

Making my way deeper into the station, I dodged past some skittering insectoids and finally arrived at the security doors. Placing my palm on the scanner, I waited for recognition. The tone of denial was not what I was expecting. Trying the scanner, I was once again denied. What was going on? This was where I was supposed to check in.

Multiple rejections warranted a response from within. A video scanner dropped from the ceiling and a voice called out, asking for identification. I identified myself and even answered a bunch of the personal questions they posed to me. Moments later the scanner withdrew into the ceiling and the doors hissed open.

Armed personnel awaited me as I made my way inside. I was careful to make no sudden moves. This was the resistance, after all. They had a reason for being skittish. Had I not been working for them for years, I’d be skittish too. Finally we reached the interior of the sanctum and the woman I’d known best in the organization stepped up to me.

With a stun gun. I only had a moment of shock before the blue light enveloped me. Strangely, it only staggered me instead of knocking me completely out. My vision went hazy for a moment, like static across my eyes. Another blast hit me and I staggered back again. I managed to catch a reflection in the mirror.

I was a robot?

Another blast and suddenly I woke up gasping. She was standing over me, no stun gun in her hand this time. Telling me that I’d been hooked up to a replica body. That someone had tried to use me to invade the resistance but that my consciousness had taken over the body. They finally backtracked the signal and rescued me.

Grinning weakly up at her, I accepted the help getting out of the machine they’d put me in. I felt slightly weak. How long had I been in there? While they were helping me out, I noticed a usb drive nearby and snagged it. I’d have one of the boys in the science division check it out.

As we took a shuttle away from the station they’d found me on, one of the science types told me it was an override program for the security robot that they had used on me. The boys managed to reprogram it to help us so we could just jack it into any of the robots fighting for the other side.

That proved useful as we beamed down to the planet to get to the next resistance cell. We barely managed to dodge several patrols before I could sneak up onto one of the massive security droids. Jacking in, I was able to override it and send it after the patrols. Long enough for us to get back off world.


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