Daily Dream 07-31-2016 Castle Rescue

The Dream I had last night:

The tap tap tap of my cane echoed along the cobblestone as we made our way through the castle. Servants scampered around, avoiding us as we made our way through the courtyard and into the grotto set at the back of the castle. A stack of hymns had been set aside besides the place of worship, candles and ash scattered around as people lit the hymns to carry their prayers to the heavens.

Stepping aside, I allowed the rest of my family to go first, a fond smile on my lips. As they were kneeling, one of the priests flounced over, his jowls quivering in anger at the sight of me. He argued that I should have gone first, my condition an affront that should be removed as soon as possible. I starred him down, eyes narrowed in my own righteous anger.

This was a place of worship, a place for others to commune with higher powers. Not a place where anger should be expressed. I was able to keep the priest away from my family while they finished with their prayers and finally managed to banish the man just as the last member of my family shuffled away.

Just as I was turning to take my own place within the circle of candles, I caught sight of an old friend. She had once been wealthy, her family merchants of some renown. At least before the land had been taken over. Now she was another poor refugee trying to survive. She caught sight of me and gave a start, her eyes darting from side to side before she scuttled over to me.

She engulfed me in a hug. I was surprised for a moment before hesitantly returning the hug with one arm. A muffled sob caught my attention and I looked down into the hunched shoulders and suppressed my own cry. This woman had lost so much. Most of her family was still missing. Releasing the hug, she reached over to pick up one of the hymns, turning it over and writing something quickly on the back. She looked around, making sure the priest was nowhere in sight before handing the paper to me with a pleading look.

My eyes followed her as she left, then turned to the paper in my hand. It was a crude map of the castle and the words “save them”. Could she have found her family? Why would she need help?

A sudden shout distracted me and I turned to see a plume of smoke rising on the other side of the castle. Panic set in for a moment as I glanced back at the map on the hymn. It appeared that the fire was in the same location. Were the hidden people being smoked out?

Hobbling as fast as I could, I headed over. Time to do my Saving People Thing again.


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