Daily Dream 07-30-2016 The Shelter

The Dream I had last night:

The underground shelter was growing crowded. At least in the areas that people were allowed access to. We’d never anticipated hosting this many people. Wandering through the caverns, with people crammed into the rooms and sometimes sitting in the halls, it proved hard to navigate at times.

Finally making it to the security doors, I keyed in my entry and made sure the door locked behind me. Wouldn’t do to have people finding out how much space we actually had available here. This area needed the space. We had to protect the animals.

Countless pets were rescued and deposited in this section of the refuge. Several of the staff were assigned here specifically to take care of the animals. A wave of kittens rushed past me and I took a moment to smile and reach down for a quick scratch. Pulling myself away from the cuteness, I continued further into the storage area, past racks of luggage and piles of crates.

The security office was in one of the deepest places in the bunker. Another set of security doors protected the entrance. This one required a lot more measures to bypass, including retinal, facial and voice recognition. Soon enough though I was inside and speaking with my fellows. I described to them how I’d been discovered in Wisconsin within moments of landing to find our target.

We talked for a bit, batting ideas back and forth on how we were going to rescue the girl. The patrols in the area had increased in response to my presence. Eventually we decided that a multi-prong incursion was needed. We’d have several teams enter in different areas of the state to draw off forces. I would then make the solo entrance to rescue our target.

Twilight found us reaching the area and I dropped from the chopper, engaging my personal transporter once I neared the ground to land a good distance away. I immediately sprinted for the building housing our target. None of the guards remained in the area, thankfully. I could certainly fight on my way in, but fighting while trying to protect someone else would be a lot more difficult.

Kicking in the doors, I made my way inside. I’d long since memorized the layout of the building and had a good idea of where she’d be waiting. Left. Left. Down the stairs. Right. The last door waited for me. She was waiting for me.

Opening the door, I finally found her. My daughter.


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