The Dream I had last night:

It was a gorgeous day for a drive. My friend Britney Spears had called me and invited me to a concert a friend of hers was putting on a couple hours over. Never one to turn down a free concert, not to mention a day with a friend, I agreed and soon found myself in the convertible heading out of town.

On the way we chitchatted back and forth, catching up on what had been going on in our lives. We’d both been keeping busy for the most part. It wasn’t long until we arrived in town, the streets growing more crowded as we neared the stage. Fortunately, we were allowed to drive right up to the stage.

Hopping out, we went our separate ways for awhile. She to get ready for the concert and me to mix and mingle with the crowd. I managed to find some of my other friends with a group of people at an outside booth setup with tables and gaming centers. Some were playing Magic: The Gathering while others were playing computer games. The games reminded me of StarCraft but there were slight differences.

After trying my hand at the computer game, getting thoroughly trounced in the process, I decided I needed a break and went to call some other friends and invite them. There were still a couple of hours til the concert and I had a guaranteed viewing area set aside for me. I could fit a few more people there as well.

Pulling out my video phone, I got a hold of some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. I told them about the free Bernie Sanders concert that I was attending with my friend Britney and that they were invited to attend. They had already been set to go out for the day and this seemed like an event they would enjoy. They told me they would finish getting there Spartan armor (from Halo) on and would then head out to join me.

Soon we were all gathered and waiting for the concert to begin. Bernie walked onto stage, accompanied by two burly bodyguards. He had a friendly wave for the crowd and a smile on his lips. Taking hold of the mic, he welcomed us all to the concert and hoped we had fun.


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