The Dream I had last night:

The soft click click click of the keyboard filled the air. The gentle glow from the monitor the only light in the room. Gentle instrumental music provided the backdrop as I worked on my article. It was the culmination of my research over the past year and it needed to be written. It need to be told. It needed to be a secret until I sent it out though.

Pausing a moment to massage my shoulders, I told myself the feeling between my shoulder blades was just an illusion. That there really wasn’t a secret government agency watching my every movement. I was too small. No matter what I had uncovered, they shouldn’t have taken notice of me.

This needed to be finished though. Leaning forward, I resumed my work, fingers flying over the keyboard as the words continued to pour out of me. The room seemed to grow ever darker, the shadows encroaching on my little world that consisted of the computer and me. Even the music seemed to have a hesitant undertone, as if it too held its breath in anticipation.

Click click click click… silence.

I leaned away from the computer, looking at the screen at the article I was about to post. The year had been hectic. Interviews, investigations, tracking down leads and talking to other people who had suspected things. Each of them with a piece of the puzzle that had been left to me to put together.

Those black vans at each interview were just imagined. The shadowy figures darting through the alleys the work of my overly active imagination. Even the problems I had with the computer the past week could be chalked up to coincidence.

So why did this feeling of being watched only intensify? Why did that itch get worse, like something was crawling unseen along my skin. It was a feeling I couldn’t shake.

It didn’t matter. This needed to be done. Reaching for the mouse, I moved over… and clicked submit.

That was it. The information was being uploaded to my blog and copies sent to all those who had helped me.

Then came the pounding on my door.


One of those interesting dreams that I’m sure had more depth to it, but I could only remember this key moment. I would love to delve deeper into the world and see what I could make of it.

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