The Dream I had last night:

The children giggled with excitement as they reached into the box. Each one brought out a tiny bunny, the little baby fluff balls running from shades of pure white to midnight black. Soon the house was filled with bouncing animals and bouncing children as they all raced around chasing each other.

Standing to the side with my wife, I smiled at the sight. There was so much excitement filling the house. The laughter was a welcome addition to our home, especially given the normal mood of the world. Strange things were happening more and more and too many people kept to themselves now.

Reaching down, I picked up one of the bunnies, nuzzling the little black furball. This one was going to be used in my magic acts. Sure, I could do true magic, but the audience expected some of the classics. I’d just have to put my own spin on some of those tricks.

A resounding crash echoed through the house as the front door shattered inwards. Splinters of wood flew through the air only to halt as I called upon my magic. The demon stepping through the door was introduced to those splinters in a slightly forceful manner, the wood peppering its skin.

Glancing back at the children huddled behind my wife, I knew I had only one chance. I knew I wouldn’t be able to defeat it, not without risking the family. There was only one option.

Rushing forward I tackled the demon, drawing every ounce of energy from the area that I could grab. Wrapping that energy around us, I tried to banish the demon. As the spell was taking hold, the demon wrapped a talon around my wrist, pulling me to it. We were going to be both in this together.


The first thing I could feel was pain. Pushing myself up from the floor, I looked around. I was home? What happened? Where was the demon? Where were my wife and kids? A gentle touch to my foot distracted me and I looked down to see an enormous rabbit. Blinking in shock, I reached down, picking up the fully black rabbit. Why was he so familiar?

A ball of light came shooting across my sight, followed by a gaggle of children. My children. Only… they weren’t small anymore. A sharp gasp drew my attention to the doorway. My wife stood there, one trembling hand held up to her open mouth. Her hair was shorter than I remembered from a moment ago.

Suddenly the demon popped into existence with a roar. Turning quickly, I readied myself to fight only for several bolts of magic to slam into the demon, disintegrating the monster. Turning back in shock, my own mouth open, I looked at my wife, wisps of magic still floating around her and several of the children.

“Welcome back”


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