The Dream I had last night:

Driving down the old neighborhood. Not something that I was expecting to do and yet, here I was. When a friend calls and says they need your help, that’s what you do. I’d loaded up my big ol’ van and drove down. The closer I got to their house, the slower the van seemed to move. Memories flashed over me at seeing the tree we used to climb. The forest we used to run through. The playground we used to scamper around.

With a soft sigh, I pulled up to the house, though there was no sign of my friend. Instead, another friend walked out of the house. He looked nervous and worried, eyes darting around. Rolling down the window, I beckoned him over. We chitchatted for a few minutes while we waited, though I could tell that his mind was elsewhere.

While the two of us were talking I heard a knock on the passenger door. Glancing over I saw the one who had originally called for help. She had a huge smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Getting out of the car, I opened my arms and she rushed in for a hug. It had been far to long since we’d seen each other.

She asked for two things. First, could she drive. Second, could we wait for another friend that needed a ride. I was beginning to feel like an airport shuttle but I’d cleared the day so that I could help my friend, so I agreed.

Now that I was out of the van, I had a better chance to look around the neighborhood. Beer bottles were scattered everywhere. Looks like someone had a party last night. Opening the back of my van, I pulled out several trash cans and recruited my two friends to help me do some cleanup while we waited. Ten minutes later the area had been scoured clean of bottles and our final party member had finally shown up.

The one who called me asked to drive, since she knew where everyone was going. I was only too happy to accept, as I hated driving. Settling into the passenger seat, I decided to pass the time talking to everyone and just catching up on what they’d been up to. We talked about the wrestling matches we’d been to, some that we’d participated in and how things had changed over the years since our last matches. I mentioned seeing her in one of the magazines and was rewarded with a bright blush.

Soon enough the other two friends were dropped off. While we made our way to her destination, I got a call from yet another friend. She told me she was lost in the woods and if I could come and find her. A wry chuckle escaped me as I agreed. My friend chuckled in agreement with me. This other girl was always getting lost.

Sadly, the drive came to an end as we reached the arena. We both got out so I could get back to driving and she could get to work. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around me, practically tackling me. Leaning up, she kissed my cheek and said thanks. I smiled and kissed the top of her head. Anytime, I said.

Getting back into the van, I smiled. Time to go rescue the lost one.


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