The Dream I had last night:

Staggering back  home from the hunt, I reached up to pat my companion on the head. The pleased chitter belied the pain she must be in considering the crack in her carapace. Things had gone a bit sideways while we were scouting beyond the walls. That patrol had been far heavier than any we’d ever seen. Why were so many of the robots even in this area? Weren’t we supposed to have a peace treaty in place?

Shaking my head, I banished her back to the stables so she could rest and heal, then headed inside myself to put away the gathered supplies and deer carcass. At least the hunt was successful. My companion had already eaten her fill during the hunt so she wouldn’t need to eat for a few days. Us mere humans though, we’d need to eat much sooner.

While I was in the middle of stripping the hide from the deer I heard a panicked squeal from outside. Grabbing my pistol I dashed outside. My companion was trying to fight off a trio of robots. What were they doing here? Taking a shot at the first robot, I managed to wing it in in the shoulder. My second shot took it in the head, sparks flying as the metal monstrosity fell aside.

Well, I definitely had their attention now as the other two turned away from my companion and came towards me, swords in each of their four arms. Why did they have to have four arms? And what were they even doing here? This was a direct violation of the treaty!

Darting back from the robots, I tried to fend them off but I was losing… badly. Turning around I ran straight for the house. I made it inside and slammed the door shut, ducking back as a blade stabbed through the heavy wood, nearly impaling my head. Backing away from the door, I looked around the house. There was only one option but I didn’t want to us it. The damned thing took hours to recharge and if they came back for some reason I would be defenseless.

The pounding on the door intensified and another blade pierced the door. Looks like I didn’t have a choice. Stepping up to my desk, I grabbed the lever for the EMP. Taking one last heavy breath, I pulled the lever down.

A wave of energy washed over me, almost like a heavy wind for a moment. The tortured squeal outside my door was different from the one of my companion. This one brought a grim smile to my lips. Making my way back to the door, I opened it to consider the two robots now slumped on my doorstep. The sound of metal dragging on the ground announced the arrival of my companion with the corpse of the other robot. Now I had three metal bodies. I could do much with that. Hopefully we could also figure out why they were here and was this just the herald of things to come.


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Picture is a cabin I found during one of my photography projects.