The Dream I had last night:

The water was a lot warmed than I expected. Ducking under the water, I washed away the distractions of the day before turning my attention to consider my surroundings. It was a new pool, one that had just opened up. We’d picked up some passes online and I’d gotten there early to see how things were setup before everyone arrived.

Glancing around, I consider the pool that I was in. The label over the pool stated that it was the kiddie pool. This is where my daughter would be spending most of her time it seemed. Situated in the middle of the pool was a large structure that floated in the waters. A stairway entered the water and allowed access up to the central platform, from which there were several slides for the kids. Along one side was a cargo net to climb up the structure. Scattered around the edges were also some rope swings and rope pulls to get them onto the structure.

A small smile adorned my face as I leaned back against the edge of the pool to take it all in. Suddenly I felt a weight in my pocket and gave a start. I’d left my wallet in my pocket when I jumped in. Scrambling out of the water, I checked to make sure the passes were still okay. There was no cash in the wallet so at least I didn’t have to worry about that.

Exiting the pool proper, I made my way to the front desk to get everyone checked in before they showed up. While I got my passes scanned in, I struck up a conversation with the front desk staff. One of them pointed out that one of the other patrons had actually paid in gold coins, pointing to the pirate chest set behind the counter.

After finishing at the pool it was time to get ready for the competition. The limos showed up to take me to the mansion that had been set aside for everyone. I was still in shock that I’d managed to get this far in the contest, but I knew that it was only with the incredible support that I’d received from my family and friends that had inspired me thus far.

Several other contestants were already in attendance at the event. Fortunately, the mansion was truly massive, with dozens of rooms, several great rooms, two separate libraries and even an enormous media room. I took some time to get to know some of the others and for the most part found them to be a good crew of people. We even made friends with a lot of the staff. A few confided in us that there were some of the contestants that were definitely not a hit with the staff.

Looking around the mansion, it was easy to tell which ones the staff disliked. Sequins, flashy outfits, and that haughty demeanor that said “I’m better than you”. They were most in evidence when we were all gathered together to start the competition. We were informed that at any time while we were in the mansion, we might be asked to sing. It would only be from the music that had been prepared by us before hand, but it could be in any room in the mansion.

Several of the contestants had their music starting off almost right away. Some of them managed to pull it off, even with such little notice. Others… not so well. I was starting to feel nervous but my wife took the time to hold me and cheer me up. She inspired me. Suddenly, the opening notes to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters sounded in the room.

It was my turn to sing.


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