The Dream I had last night:

It was a gorgeous day when I left the house, heading into the city. A friend had asked for help with a project and said we were to meet by a local grocery store. By the time I’d gotten there, the weather had taken a turn for the worse, dark clouds rolling in, though they had yet to released their hold on the rain.

Pulling into the parking lot, I found my friend standing next to a group of box trucks, directing a group of people as they loaded the box trucks with food from the store. Parking the car, I made my way over to the trucks, looking them over as crate after crate of food was loaded up.

My friend explained that these trucks were heading to various projects around the city and he was hoping that we’d escort them. Agreeing, I got back in my car and set about following one of the trucks around, even as the weather got darker and darker. The are we  wound up in was suddenly darker, hidden behind the rain that burst into being. Fortunately, we were near where the truck was supposed to go so I hoped it would make it the rest of the way. I was stuck where I was so I pulled over for a bit to let the rain settle for a little.

Pulling out my laptop while I waited, I logged into some of my games to see if any of my friends were online. A few were on so we started a game together to outlast the rain. The noise grew to be deafening on the roof of my car while I was waiting. Closing my eyes, I tuned them out while setting up the bond with the laptop.

The real world faded away as the interface took over my view. Information scrolled at the top of my sight even as the roar of the rain faded into the roar of machinery. The station was being built, my forces were assembling. I regarded the controls before me and reached out to take hold. I could feel the other forces that were already built pressing on my mind, waiting for their commands.

Voices drifted along my awareness, my friends chiming in that they were ready, their own war machines unlimbering and starting to roll away from their bases as we sent our troops and machines of war to the meeting point. My factories responded to my will, assembling the tanks we needed.

Suddenly I staggered, my reality shifting before the interface shredded, huge rents in my view that mixed the virtual and real worlds together. With a groan I managed to pull myself from the interface to look at what could have interrupted me. Gazing out the windows of the car, I noticed the scenery spinning away.

The car was drifting.


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