The Dream I had last night:

It isn’t often that my brother gets to visit. Some of the other ones do, but my second youngest brother, he’s usually far too busy. Not to mention the secret service doesn’t like to let him out of their sight. Something about Presidential Security or some nonsense. Who knows?

We chilled in my office and he showed me the notebook that he’d been using for his plans. It was bound in leather and was tied closed with an elaborate knot. He explained that it had been handed to him by the previous president and had been passed down over the years. They way in which the bindings were knotted told a lot about the person who held the book. There were supposedly a whole study done by the service about it.

Chuckling softly, I looked it over with him and then we took the time to catch up. Talked about the kids, what’s been going on in life and what plans we had. After that he needed to get back to the people who were probably frantically looking for him. Turns out they were stationed at my work, which wasn’t too far from my office.

The building we used was one of the oldest in the city. The owners were collectors of books. Shelves adorned every wall in the building, with some of the tomes dating back to the beginning of time it seemed. All topics and subjects, all carefully preserved. That was the point of the business at times, though we had other projects as well.

Making my way through the building, I found myself blocked from a section. Seemed the Secret Service had commandeered a few of our conference rooms, including the one that I normally used. I wonder if they’d found my recording equipment in there yet? Considering that it was part of the table, who knew?

Sighing and annoyed that I wouldn’t be able to get some of my work done, I turned to leave when my boss came up to me. She hooked her arm with mine and directed me outside where we were going to watch the meteor shower.


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Picture was taken by me as I was getting my bookshelves put back up after a move.