The Dream I had last night:

The patrols were quiet for the most part. We were waiting for my armor to get in anyway so we made sure to stick to the neighborhoods rather than downtown. White marble homes as far as the eye could see. The safe side of town. Nothing ever happened over here. Or so they kept telling us.

Walking down the sidewalk, we were confronted by one of the neighbors. They had a huge dog with them that obviously didn’t belong to them. The beast was struggling against the leash, straining to get away. They explained that they’d found the dog wandering in their backyard. There was no sign of a whole in their fence, no sign of forced entry. The dog has simply… appeared.

Animals did not simply manifest themselves into a space. Especially not animals that size. We took the dog off their hands and took him down to the station. Just as we were preparing the dog to go to the vet for a checkup, he deemed it time to explain to us what was going on.

He had been sent here to recruit warriors. To help them quicken their powers to fight off an invading menace. First though, we needed to get our armor. The better equipped we were before hand, the better the quickening would be when it upgraded us. My partner and I shrugged. What could it hurt to indulge the guy?

Making our way back to the shop, we waited a moment while one of the staff went to retrieve our gear. I took the time to talk to the owner about some of the foods he should keep on hand, for those of us who worked the odd hours. Donuts would be great at 1 in the morning right after a patrol.

Soon enough we had our gear and we headed back to our talking animal companion. It felt nice to be armored again. Some of the creatures that had been patrolling downtown were of quite the nasty disposition and we’d lost more than a few people over the past month. Fortunately, the boys downstairs were working on better ways to help us deal with them.

Finally, we confronted the dog, who looked us over for a moment before nodding. Light seemed to envelop the creature, blinding us. A wave of energy washed over me. When I could see again, my armor had turned bright white and I felt power flowing through me, more than I’d ever felt before.

“Welcome to the Mage Wars.”


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