The Dream I had last night:

I sat there in my car, contemplating the darkness outside. Things hadn’t gone well at the project. We were almost halfway through with the house when we learned that they weren’t planning on paying us. A lot of people had been involved on that project and that meant a lot of disappointment and for some of the men, anger. We all drove off and now here I was, pulled over to the side of the road, trying to gaze through the rain.

Pulled over to the side of the road, I was outside the parking structure. The gated and fenced in parking structure. The one that for some reason I had lost my access to. Sighing as yet another vehicle was allowed admittance I turned the car back on and headed out. There were other people I could stay with in the area until the next project.

Gravel crunched under the tires as I pulled up to the house, the long driveway completely unlit save for the light from my car. Even the house was dark, the shutters all drawn. Fortunately, the rain had let up as I walked up to the front door. Reaching up to knock on the door, I gave a little start as the door slowly swung open.

Pushing the door the rest of the way open, I looked inside. A thin layer of dust covered everything, motes drifting through beams of light shining from my car that managed to pierce the shutters and joined me through the door. Where had everyone gone? Moving further into the house, I scanned for a flashlight in the drawer near the door.

Other than the furniture there was no sign of life in the house. No pictures on the walls. No linens on the beds. How long had they been gone? Why hadn’t they told me? Moving into the garage, I found only a lone tacklebox left in the middle of the floor. Strange.

Opening the tacklebox, I found my friends gaming supplies. Dice, cards, miniatures. He wouldn’t have left those behind…

Where were they?


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Picture taken by me in Portland, Oregon.