The Dream I had last night. Strangely enough not inspired by anything ghost related. Unless the one episode of Ghost Whisperer that my wife watched in the morning counted. Maybe?:

Research was coming along quickly. We were dedicated to the project. We needed to be. The world was counting on us. Stacks of tomes sat next to me as I stared out the view port at the spinning globe below us. Things had been ramping up over the past few years and only recently were advances made that would help us bring things even again.

Reaching over to one of the tomes, I pulled it back into my lap, notes settled next to me. A soft giggle distracted me for a moment. Turning to the side, I considered the translucent figure before me.

Roughly three feet tall and glowing a soft blue, the spirit was of a little girl who’d been on the station almost as long as the researchers. She’d emerged within the first few months of the project, curiously following us around. We were quick to determine she wasn’t like the ghosts that were running rampant on Earth. She seemed more curious than malicious. Definitely wanting to help us. Often guided us to tomes we weren’t aware of among the stacks that had been gathered by our founder.

Waving hello, I summoned up a sphere of energy and sent it racing around the station, the giggling little girl chasing after it in a flash. Smiling, I turned back to my tome. A few moments of reading had me sitting straighter is shock. It couldn’t really be this simple, could it?

Heading to the teleporter, I quickly arrived at the main lab on Earth. Several of the other researchers looked startled to see me, as I wasn’t expected for a few more days. Waving the tome around, I shouted in excitement and called for the project leads to meet me.

Outside the lab, several people were walking past quickly, trying to get on with their lives. They never made it. Ghastly forms slashed through the air, crashing into the people, who convulsed for a moment before collapsing to the ground. After a minute the people began to stir.

An eerie green glow shone in their eyes, a malicious smirk on their lips. More victims of ghostly possession. We needed to stop them!


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Picture one of the free ones from NASA.