The Dream I had last night:

My daughter marched through the area, accompanied by her protection drone. The area wasn’t supposed to be dangerous, but as a member of the police force, I knew that I couldn’t take any chances with my family. Every time they left home, no matter where they were going, they were escorted by one of the shield drones we’d developed.

As she was heading through one of the office districts there was an alert chime from the done. Looking up, she say the telltale blue wall shimmer into existence as the shield fell into place. Almost immediately a piercing pillar of red slammed into the shield, blinding her for a moment and almost overloading the optics on the drone. Someone had just shot a laser at my daughter!

Ordering her out of the area, I gathered up a squad and headed into the area. We arrived to see people streaming out of the area, laser fire in the background. Slowly, we entered the area, scanning the buildings, shields active. A glint of light off the emplacement was the only warning we had before it opened fire on us. Fortunately the shields held and the return fire smashed the emplacement.

Surrounding the building, we looked for any other threats. Two security guards at the doors of the buildings pulled their weapons before slowly putting them on the ground as they realized they were outnumbered and outgunned. Taking them into custody and assigning them to some of the other officers, I made my way inside.

The interior was a sharp contrast to the high tech forces guarding it. Vintage, ornate wooden doors guarded the inner offices. Knocking on the door, we received a gruff “go away”. Identifying ourselves as the police, we demanded entrance again and again were rebuffed. That was enough.

We kicked down the door.

Situated within the room were the McManns. Vince and Stephanie were standing around talking to each other, though Vince turned to regard the door with a look of shook that was slowly growing to anger. After explaining why we were there, including what had happened inside, his anger soon changed to cooperative. Stephanie was happy to help us search the place. As we talked, she explained about the guards outside but was confused as to the laser emplacement outside.

Strangely enough, the only thing we found inside were stacks of Magic: The Gathering boxes.


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Picture taken by me in downtown Portland, Oregon.