The Dream I had last night:

Snow continued drifting through the air, blanketing the world and hiding the normal imperfections in glorious, pristine white. Even my normally dusty car found new life, her red hue hidden beneath the new coat. Unfortunately, it also hid many of the faults in the road, a lesson I learned to my detriment as my car became stuff in a hole I couldn’t see.

Trudging out into the snow, I tried in vain to rescue my vehicle. Nary a soul was to be seen, all of them wiser than I, for they stayed away from the snow. Stayed away from the storm. Fortunately, for all that I was on a lonely road to nowhere, i wasn’t that far from family. Locking my vehicle and pulling my coat tighter, I made my way onward.

The weary walk grew wet as the temperature rose just enough to melt the falling snow, pelting me with rain that tried its best to pierce through my jacket. Glancing ahead, I finally spotted the shelter on the edge of the property. Not feeling up to the additional couple of miles up the ridiculous driveway, I huddled into the shelter like a student waiting for the bus.

Would my car freeze over? Would I freeze over? Those were the thoughts racing through my mind even as I faded to sleep.

Notes: I know there was more to the dream. An entire section previous to that one. I feel that had I not been woken up in the middle of it, I might be able to recall more… alas, that dream was as fleeting as sleep itself was this morning.

That picture is of the lonely tree outside one of my previous residences, one snow dusted morning.

Also, I’m trying to decide if I should title these dreams. I tried with a couple of them and didn’t see any difference. What do you think? Title or just go with the Daily Dream theme?

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