The Dream I had last night:

We were just talking. Nothing secretive going on. We even left the front door open to avoid any appearance of impropriety. We talked about our friends. We talked about those we’d lost. We talked about those we were going to set out to find soon. During the course of our talks, the neighbor ducked his head in the door no less than twenty times in the course of an hour conversation. The man was dressed in his police uniform, as if he was trying to impress me with his importance. Or maybe it was to intimidate me. Who knows?

After the twentieth time though, we were done and it was time to leave. Ignoring the man trying to butt into our business, we made our way out of the building and headed out to the lake. The rumors were that somewhere along those twisting rivers was our missing friend.

Finding the lake proved more difficult than anticipated. The road into the forest was disguised, blending in with the trees and shrubbery until you were practically on top of it. We must have driven past it at least three times before we finally managed to spot it and turn off the main road and towards the lake.

The road twisted and meandered through the forest, dodging around titan trees that towered overhead like silent sentinels amidst the lesser mortals. Eventually the road ended and we were forced to hike deeper into the forest. We had a good general idea where the lake was located.

Finally, we arrived at the sandy shores of the lake, the surroundings more akin to the tropics rather than the thick forest from which we emerged. Scanning the shoreline, we found our friend, nestled among the fallen logs that lay into the waters. Stripped to the waist with an epic beard that dangled to the middle of his tanned chest, our friend stood in cutoff shorts, spear in hand, gazing intently into the water.

Splash! An exultant cry pierced the air as our friend danced to where his spear bobbed on the surface of the waters, a fish caught on the blade. Turning his head away from us, he yelled to a neighbor, who quickly emerged, dressed in a similar manner. Happy to know that our friend had not been alone this entire time, we made our way over.

Just as we were about to call out to our friend, we noticed a school of gummy fish swarming towards them. In a panic, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my gummy shark, tossing it into the waters where it expanded to full size before springing onto the school of killer squishy fish like the gummy predator it was.

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Photo taken by me during a hike from Larch Mountain to Multnomah Falls in 2011.