The Dream I had last night. Not sure what inspired these particular sequences, though I can definitely see the inspiration from previous movies, such as The Terminal:

They were watching me. Always watching me. If it weren’t so amusing, I feel like I should be annoyed or something like that. Sure I was from a small country. Sure I was here for awhile. But really, that wasn’t my fault. I was waiting for the Family.

Now granted, the way I talked about The Family might have been slightly misconstrued by those tasked with the security of the airport. I always referred to them as The Family. One could practically hear the capital letters attributed to that. Mostly that had to do with the extended nature of those I considered my family.

Shaking my head in amusement, I went back to reading my book. A moment later I had to pause as one of my sons called me to talk  about one of the games we were working on. He mentioned how some of the scenarios weren’t quite shaping up the way we wanted them. I told him that South Fleet needed to be moved to better take those objectives. As I hung up the phone, I caught sight of several of my watchers scrambling to make their reports on the supposed movements of my Family’s “South Fleet”. The only South Fleet was located online.

One of the amusing things I did to pass the time while I waited was see how many of the people watching me I could get to quit in frustration. The number of resignation letters that were attributed to trying to track down the “leads” I was dropping brought a smile to my lips.

The best part is when they think I’m doing secret intelligence drops to the “other agents” that pass through the airport. One day there was a free book sale at this massive store. There must have been thousands of books on sale. They were looking to clear a lot of the older inventory. Books that were older than I was. I picked up a copy of War and Peace. Sadly, the copy seemed to be missing the first 129 pages. Seemed like they were torn right out of the book. Saddened, I left the book on the counter in the restroom for some other soul to have something to read should they need it.

I had not been out of the room less than ten seconds when one of those intelligence types tried to sneak past me in a trench coat, the book awkwardly ‘concealed’ by the huge bulge.

Staying at the facility/airport, never leaving due to waiting for the family. Always dropping “hints” like the “South Fleet”. There is no South Fleet. Getting multiple people to resign in frustration. After that, I made my way to the conference room where I met up with some of the regulars who made their way through.

Gathering around, we divided some index cards between us and started our semi regular radio broadcast. Our topic tonight… the fictional war with the South Fleet.

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