The Dream I had last night. Definitely some influence from playing Magic: The Gathering with my best friend, but the rest of the stuff… where did that come from? :

The rumble of the engine seemed to dominate the older bus as we ambled down the abandoned highway. The downpour outside had tapered off early in the drive. Streaks ambled their way down the windows as I gazed into the darkness. This investigation was a strange one from the start and this latest clue wasn’t much help either. Shaking my head, I stood to disembark as the bus slowed to a stop.

Situated at the entrance to a camping ground, one of the large buses used by the campground was submerged in a large pond that had emerged, completely blocking the entrance. Preliminary exploration around the pond showed no signs of construction equipment. It was as if the ground had just sunken down then filled with water, pulling the bus down with it.

Stepping into the waters, I made my way over to the bus. Pushing open the entrance, I flicked my flashlight to life. Shadows darted across the waters that filled the interior at least a foot deep. Wading deeper into the bus, I scanned each seat, finding mostly nothing except for a few Magic: The Gathering cards scattered and drifting in the waters. Fortunately for my peace of mind, none of the cards were any that were high value or that I’d needed for a deck. However, there was a brochure for a group playing at a hotel in Japan.

Hitching up my backpack, I stepped into the lobby of the hotel, my eyes scanning around for the signs of the group. Catching sight of the other players, I motioned to my family to make their way to our rooms before I moved to integrate myself with the group.Following one of the groups, I had to make my way through the hotel restaurant. Attached to the ceiling in the restaurant were a bunch of dishes supported by ropes. As I was about to step past the restaurant, I noticed that several meals were being delivered by these suspended dishes. I barely managed to dodge getting nailed in the head by a soup bowl.

Making my way to one of the conference rooms, I integrated myself into the group. A few minutes into the first game, I glanced out the window to see several people passing by dressed in different Halloween costumes. The first dozen or so passed without interaction but soon a group of them detached from the large mass and knocked on the door. The host informed the group that it wasn’t Halloween there. After a moment’s terse conversation, the host agreed to sell the group a dozen eggs, with the proviso that they take themselves elsewhere.

Three games of Magic: The Gathering later, I still hadn’t been able to get the information I was looking for. Needing a break, I left the hotel to check out some of the local shops. While fascinated by the wares offered by the myriad of vendors, nothing truly caught my attention, telling me was time to head back to the hotel.

The entrance I picked went through the casino. Resisting the urge to stop and place some bets, I made my way to the hotel room. A smile adorned my lips as I looked down on my family, everyone fast asleep, with my wife nestled between the haphazardly arranged bodies of our slumbering children.

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