The Dream I had last night. Most likely inspired by my wife watching Criminal Minds:

Glaring at the reporter on the other side of the door, I shook my head, denying him access before slamming the door. That was the third reporter today. This particular guy had been here every day for the last week as well. We were starting to feel like prisoners. At least the other tenants in the building were sympathetic.

A soft sigh escaped my lips as I made my way upstairs, pausing to make sure that the external doors were all locked and secured. Upstairs on the balcony the kids waited. They were just teens. This wasn’t fair that they should be under suck scrutiny.

The brother was slightly older, though he always seemed the younger from how shy he acted. His sister, only two years younger, made most of the decisions for the pair. That’s how it always had been. The two were often alone, their parents never around. At least that’s how it seemed to me. That was even before the incident.

Since then I’d taken them under my wing, trying to guide them, train them. They would need to get away from here but surrounded as we were with news crews, that was not going to be easy. Even then, it wasn’t the news crews that were really my concern. It was the others. The ones that wanted to take the children for their own purposes.

Leaning on the balcony between the kids, I looked out at the building just across the street, the windows lined with cameras and people, staring across at the kids. Sighing again, I guided the kids back inside. It wouldn’t be long before we made out escape. Tonight.

Under the cover of darkness we emerged. One of the upper floors was near a support beam that angled into a nearby park. Sliding down the beam, the three of us were able to bypass the reporter blockade. Unfortunately, moments after we landed we were confronted by a man presenting himself as a member of an organization that wanted to help the kids “develop” their powers.

With a shout, I charge at the man, tackling him to the ground as the kids darted to either side of him, making for the exit of the park. Another soldier arrived to stop the kids. Grabbing the man I’d just tackled, I threw him at the other soldier, the two going down in a tangle. Dashing past the pile, the kids and I made it through and into the car, screaming down the street.

Moments later we had arrived at the airport, ditching the car and scrambling to make it to our flight.

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