The Dream I had last night:

I took the nice car. That’s what the boss told me to do at least. All I had to do was head out to the location, talk to the owner, and confirm what services they wanted from us. Simple. Or at least it should have been.

Heading out, I took the time to enjoy the scenery. The endless trees soon gave way to the coastline, the area cleared to make way for progress. There were so many amazing properties out here. Glancing down at the directions I’d been given, it was easy to see I was lost.

Pulling out to a dock that enter a small harbor, I exited the vehicle to look around, trying to make sense of papers in hand. Noticing a party nearby, I headed over, asking over the fence if anyone knew of the property in question. A moment later a visual of the property and the surroundings was printed off and handed to me by the amazingly helpful and friendly college kids.

Thanking them all for their help, I turned to head back to the vehicle. There standing next to the car was the boss’s son. His expression was less than amused. Right behind him was my own car, which somehow they seemed to have gotten running. Just looking at all the piping and tubing jutting from the vehicle had me cringing.

Breaking away from the examination of the vehicle, I quickly explained to the man why I was there. Nodding, he asked for the information and with papers in hand, took off down the dock to the waters. Skipping along the stones along the water’s edge, he quickly disappeared. Chuckling softly to myself, I called in the change in plans, confirmed with the boss, then headed to my car to figure out how to get home.

The rear of the vehicle was dominated by a contraption consisting of plastic and metal tubing, twisting in upon itself in manners I’m sure defied the laws of nature and bent the rules of physics to the point of screaming. Shrugging, I got in the car and made my way back to the office. Parking the car at the shop, I paused a moment to fix a leak in the smoke vents, switching some tubing around to keep the smoke from flooding the shop, then made my way inside.

All done for the day, I headed home. I had a friend visiting and she was just leaving as I got there. We chatted for a moment before she realized she’d forgotten her keys inside. Going inside together, we were confronted by my father, who somehow had gotten inside the house. Just as I was about to confront him about breaking into my home, I was distracted by what was showing on the television.

It was a documentary about the area where I grew up. They were describing some of the buildings that used to be there before our family had moved there. A large, castle like structure that had been disassembled and moved to another location when the entire family within had been murdered by what appeared to be vampires.

I definitely don’t remember any vampires growing up.

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