The Dream I had last night:

Sitting on the loading dock, I gazed into the distance, trying to pierce through the pouring rain. It was like a wall of water just out of reach, the noise deafening as it slammed against the roof of the delivery truck. Even here on the elevated dock, the water was already up to the hubcaps on the trucks, and it looked like there was no chance of it stopping anytime soon. The sky, what little I could make out through the torrent, was darkness given form.

Shaking my head, I turned back to the warehouse, making my way to the bakery. Pausing for a moment to talk to the head baker, I was surprised to find that my route was only going to have six items. After a moment, I realized it made sense. Most of the places we normally deliver to would be practically underwater at the moment.

Grumbling softly to myself, I made my way to the elevator to head to the office to pick up my paperwork. There was a mass of people waiting to use the elevator, keeping me away for what seemed like forever. Finally, I managed to get upstairs to pick up my papers before heading downstairs to what seemed like an empty facility.

With the pouring rain roaring outside the truck drowning out the sound of the engine, I made it through the flooding, water washing away from me in a fan that disappeared in the downpour. Fortunately, the first few stops went quickly. However, the final stop was completely flooded out with no chance of delivery. Disappointed, I made my way back to the warehouse, only to have my disappointment washed away as the bakers told me to just go ahead and finish off the pastries in the truck.

After work I made my way into town, eager to try out the new gaming store that had just been opened up by a few friends of mine. The outside was nothing to speak of, just a large building with the name on a sign above the door. Inside was a descent into the medieval world. The walls appeared to be rough hewn stone, like a castle. A huge display, easily twenty feet on each side of the square, was adorned with armor and weapons, from plastic to chain mail to plate. Pirate and renaissance garb filled in the space between the armors and people in period garb managed the store.

A smile adorning my lips, I headed into the show room. There were at least a dozen huge tables scattered around the room. Several of the tables were occupied by people playing card games I’d never even heard of before. Grinning in excitement, I took a seat at an empty table, setting down my briefcase and pulling out my Magic: The Gathering cards.

Time for EDH.

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