The Dream I had last night. Definitely some influence from my wife watching Batteries Not Included:

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I leaned back in my chair, illuminated by the bank of computer screens. So many things to oversea. All those automated facilities scattered across the globe. The sea rigs, the processing facilities. Even one here locally. Shaking my head in sheer amazement, I stood, pausing a moment to pop my back, before heading out of the room.

Hailing a cab, I directed him to take me back to the university, then proceeded to zone out during the drive. It wasn’t long before we arrived. Stepping out of the cab, I handed over the fare, plus a generous tip, before turning to head home. Except… I wasn’t home. We were at the wrong university!

By the time I turned around to ask to go to the correct university, the cab had already disappeared. With a sigh, I turned to trudge inside to make a call. Movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. It was my old friend, Bobby (Michael Carmine). What was he doing here? And equipped with a pair of baseball bats? Where was he going?

I followed him into town, the surroundings growing more ragged and poor as we went along. He stopped at a soup kitchen, joining a group of kids at a table, where he handed over the bats with a smile. A smile of my own adorned my lips as I made my way into the kitchen, taking the time to get a meal and talk with the staff. I asked them how much it would take to keep the kitchen fully funded for the next year, then wrote them a check for that amount.

With a spring in my step, I made my way to the docks. I had a facility to inspect. While walking along the docks, I saw some of my friends getting onto a massive (tanker sized) pirate ship. It was a pirate festival being held on a giant pirate ship. Wishing I could join them but knowing I was too busy, I gave them all hugs before continuing on my way to the facility.

Waiting for me at the facility were the inspectors. We toured the automated facility, talking about the capabilities and reminiscing about when I used to work with the inspectors when they were at the university. Not all of them were friendly though. I wondered about that briefly before continuing the tour.

We made our way outside to check out the cleaning processes for the metal when a huge explosion shook the facility. I looked up at the vats of acid that were used on the metal to see them crashing down. A wall of acid was heading towards us…