The Dream I had last night:

Snow drifted down, blanketing the world in pristine white. Trudging through the powder, I made my way towards the school, the trail behind me disappearing almost as soon as I walked past. Glancing around, I saw the track teams sprinting through the snow, their breath a faint mist in the air as they sped past.

Shaking my head in mixed amusement and admiration, I turned towards the gym. The building dominated the hazy horizon. Several stories tall, it sprawled around the area, easily over a thousand feet long on each side. Massive doors adorned one side of the facility, ones that normally opened to the tar mac that let the planes and other machines enter and exit the facility.

As I made my way into the building, I was assaulted by the noise. Music thumped through my body, echoing within my bones. The lights were turned down, though the strobes and disco balls cast their own lights upon the darkness. Streamers were scattered among the soaring rafters, some even draped over the arms and weapons of the mecha stationed around the room.

One of the doors to the outside started opening, a blast of cold air smashing into the room right before a massive droid followed, weapons already spooling before unleashing destruction into the room. Ducking behind a pillar, I tried to drown out the sounds of the wounded and dying as I scanned around the room for a means of defending myself. I cursed not carrying the beacon for my own mecha as I sneaked around one of the cold metal sentinels.

The welcome sound of returned fire caught my attention as some of the students had made their way to the mecha and were beginning to fight back. Sadly, the student mecha didn’t last long, intended more for training rather than any real combat. Darting past the wreckage of an arm, I dove for the controls of some of the remote airships that were stationed in the hanger portion of the gym. Looking among my options, I smiled as I saw one that was fashioned like the Millenium Falcon. I made to launch it into the fray when one of the visiting dignitaries decided that wanted my ship for themselves. After an argument with the man, I scowled and ran over to the ship, which was roughly four feet across, picked it up, and hurled it across the room, preventing the dignitary (and his accompanying security detail) from stealing the ship.

No longer able to fight with what was available in the gym, I gathered up some of the other students and made our way out of the door that had originally allowed the enemy droid into the building. Sneaking around to the other side of the facility, we managed to get our hands on some weapons from the armory and joined the school guard that had just arrived.

Newly armed, we streamed back into the gym, taking the fight to the droid.