The dream I had last night:

The twin masts of the ship freaked as we made our way down the canals of the city. The recent rains had flooded the city, allowing us to navigate through the rushing waterways. Scanning ahead, I noticed an obstruction. A multitude of smashed cars had been piled up like a makeshift barrier across the canal.

Turning back to the helm, I directed the crew to unfurl more canvas. With the built up speed, we smashed through the barrier, the squeal of twisted metal echoing against the buildings along either side of the canal. Three times we forced out way through different barriers, undetered and unstoppable.

Time seemed to fly past as we worked our way deeper into the city, finally reaching the harbor where our target lay moored. A massive tanker, hundreds of feet tall and seemingly a thousand feet long. The black monstrousity loomed in the night like a nesting dragon, ominous and surrounded by a wreath of steam.

Securing the ship to the tanker, I made my way silently up the side of the hull, adhering with the help of some special, magnetic gloves. The gloves were part of the black stealth suit that helped me blend into the surroundings. Upon reaching the top, I vaulted the railing.

The interior of the tanker was a veritable warren of twisting walkways and stairs that disappeared into the darkened bowels of the ship. Rather than try and navigate the labyrinth of metal, I vaulted from railing to railing, falling towards the darkness.

The descent went well below what should have been the bottom of the Tanker. Seems the ship was merely a front for a hidden facily, one controlled by a criminal syndicate. The organization I was working with was coordinating with so-called super heroes to bring down this collection of super villains.

Making my way deeper into the facility, I ended up in what appeared to be an ancient temple. The corridors were carved directly from the stone, walls adorned in runes I didn’t recognize. My suit had a hard time blending in.

After a few more minutes of exploring, I entered a chamber that seems a different stone from the rest. Suddenly I was overcome by a vision. I was surrounded by the heroes, all frozen in place, while the villains looked on in triumph. This place was a trap and I only had a moment before the heroes teleported in.

Quickly I merged with the walls nearest where the villains would be stationed. A moment later the heroes arrived, followed by the villains. After the appropriate monologing on both sides, the trap was triggered. As the freezing process began, I revealed myself and pushed the villains in amongst the heroes, a half smile on my lips before I passed out.

When I finally managed to regain consciousness, I found myself surrounded by frozen heroes and villains, though I noticed a couple of the villains were missing. Turning to the corridor where the villains had originally entered the room through, I chased down the escapees.

Suddenly I found myself in a large chamber, facing down a collection of villains. Grimly I drew my blades and prepared to defend myself.