The Dream I had last night:

We skimmed over the surface of the earth, watching as the world sailed on beneath us. For a while the details were hazy, indistinct blotches that raced away. Soon they began to resolve into individual estates, the mega rich homesteads adorning the mountain proudly proclaiming the decadence of their occupants. The hundred acre plots. The sprawling gardens. The massive waterworks.

Those were my favorites. The decorated pools with their cascading waterfalls and lazy rivers. The colossal slides. The elaborate vegetation. All the details stood out in sharp relief as we came in for our landing. I could picture availing myself of the various luxuries, mostly floating upon the waters, relaxing and letting the worries of the world float away. Alas, it was not to be.

Making my way down the ramp, I searched my surroundings. Wasn’t there supposed to be someone waiting to escort me? Where were the others? There should have been more of us. Instead, within moments I was the only one waiting. Closing my eyes, I concentrated for a moment, bringing up the image of the surroundings.

Ah, there they are. The escort was already heading down the mountain, the dots denoting the others all in a neat little line behind the guide. Shaking my head in exasperation, I called the guide and had him return for me.

While I was waiting, I turned to my laptop. There were a few turns of the Civilization game that needed my attention. After all, taking over the world was serious business. It wasn’t long though before my guide arrived. Looks like the Mongol horde was going to remain unconquered for the moment.

The trip itself was uneventful for the most part. We mostly made small talk, although I did see several of my friends and co-workers amongst the others being guided to our destination. We ended up setting up shop behind the massive arena. The community of second string wrestlers waiting for the main show and our small part in the sidelines. None of the people in the audience were really here to see us and we were fine with that.

Many of us wandered amongst the setup in the back parking lot, the canvas walls reminiscent of a renaissance faire. Some had remembered to bring camp chairs to relax in for our hours long break. Fortunately, the feeling of things being like the faire wasn’t far off. Activity booths, food vendors, and other amenities were scattered around the massive area, offering distractions to those left waiting.

At one point the conversation with some of the other wrestlers turned to the future. What was going to happen, amidst the rumors of the possible elimination of all the bigger wrestlers. Were they really going to go with the smaller people? Those who didn’t tower over six and a half feet tall? Those who weren’t monsters? Was this going to be a spin off, or the future?

Things remained in doubt though, as we became distracted by a wave of people in renaissance dress that descended upon us, wondering what was going on and why they weren’t invited.